ELA - The Humanity & Solidarity Project

The Humanity & Solidarity Project is a social impact start-up company nurturing resilience, cultivating connections, shaping a hopeful tomorrow, through transformative immersive experience spaces

Our mission is:

Why is it needed?

Following the October 7th trauma in Israel, beyond individual and national recovery, addressing collective trauma and rebuilding trust and hope is crucial. Our project involves a wide range of communities and focuses on long-term healing to lessen the trauma’s impact across generations.


Our Solution

We aim to foster social change and alleviate personal and collective trauma through transformative platforms. These encourage meaningful interactions, self-help skills, and effective emotional communication, shaping a positive future vision. Our approach merges entertainment, education, and cultural events, catering to diverse audiences

We approach

Young children, adolescents, adults, couples, parents, professional (educational staff, therapists etc.) … who wish to learn more about sexuality.

Organizations & institutions (schools & kindergartens, organized groups, academic ins, companies)

Meet our team

Ronit Argaman

Founder & CEO is a specialist in human sexuality and a Ph.D. student in Gender studies. She is the founder and director of Argaman Inst.

Hila Yanay

COO is an experienced entrepreneur with a focus on service accessibility and child development.

Guy Tzeiri

VP of Business Development brings his expertise & experience in the pharmaceutical business as a Business Unit Director, science education, and 20 years of studying sexuality. He holds a B.Sc. in Life Science - Genetics, and B.Ed. in Science education.

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